Casentinas Prestige (Heavy type)

Casentina Prestige pergola comes to cover the needs of the most demanding customers.
– Maximum size that can be covered: 700cm X 350cm.
– Use up to 4 arms according to the size of the coverage area
– Position anywhere you need.
– Electrification using motor somfy OREA

Casentina 525

This tent combines Persistent Prestige arms with modern design.
– Always offered with two arms and the maximum size that can cover are 500cm X 300cm.
– Used electric motor somfy


The latest European solution in tents.
An end to any imperfections that a tent might have because of existing facilities (crooked wall).
– Bases cast or profilenies for a more elegant and more integrated and economical awning system.
– Maximum dimensions awning 800cm X350cm. -Large color selection range of the sail

Vertical (Reed)

The vertical coverage of some areas is quite important to use the year-round protection against sun, cold and rain.
The use of vertical coverage combined with pergolas offers a very good insulating effect that’s why is proposed mainly for professionals (bars – restaurants etc) to cover the exterior.
Maximum dimensions 450cm X 350cm coverage.
Their use comes with manual or electric mechanism.